As we aim to be paperless this year, we encourage everyone to read this programme on your phone. Scroll down for the mobile friendly version. You will not be able to use phones during the show, but you can check it out beforehand and during the interval. If you crave the nostalgic feel of a hard copy, you are more than welcome to print your own. We have included a double sided option, with the goal of saving as many trees as we can!

Wizard of Oz Pump Dance

Our strong leading lady lives out on a farm.
Wild weather is coming to cause some harm.
After the twister she steps through the door,
to realise she’s not in Kansas anymore.
On the yellow brick road she makes friend after friend,
loyal to her until the very end.
Brains, heart and courage are all part of the plan,
but first they must find a mythical man.
A witch on their heels, so wicked and mean.
An emerald city, eco-friendly and green.
Munchkins and Toto and slippers oh my!
This modern take on a classic is super fly.
Through hip hop, jazz and contemporary we’ll roam,
to discover there’s really no place like home.

Act One

Hillbillies (Pump Staff)
Kansas Folk (Phoenix, Hype, Dynasty, Kingdom, Industry)
Farmyard Animals (Jnr 2K & 3K Hip Hop, Jnr 1K Boys Hip Hop, The Poppits, Queens, Int 2K Hip Hop)
Rainbow (Snr Troupes)
Travelling Circus (Jnr Troupes)
Storm (Teen 1A, 2A & 3A Contemporary)
Twisting Tornado (Int 1A, 2A & 3A Hip Hop)
Glynda’s Girls #1 (Teen 1A, 2A, & 3A Hip Hop)
Munchkin Girls (Jnr 1A & 2A Hip Hop)
Munchkin Boys (Jnr 1A & 2A Boys Hip Hop, Dynamics)
Munchkin Council (Jnr 3A & 3B Hip Hop)
Yellow Brick Road #1 (Teen 1A, 2A & 1K Jazz)
Wheat Field (Int 1A & 1E Contemporary)
Scarecrows (Esteem, Platinum, Artemis)
Crows (Jnr 2A, 3A & 3K Jazz, Int 1A Jazz)
Apple Trees (Artillery, Teen 3K Hip Hop)
Tinmen & Tinboys (Kingdom, Jnr 1A & 2A Boys Hip Hop, Dynamics)
Wild Flowers (Mayhem, Straight Outta Pump, Empire)
Lionesses (Platinum, Hype, Industry)
Yellow Brick Road #2 (Jnr 2E & 3E Hip Hop, Int 1E Hip Hop)
Poppies (Sassy, Onyx, Intensity)
Snowflakes (Teen 1A & 1K Lyrical)
Yellow Brick Road #3 (Esteem, Platinum, Artemis)


Act Two

Emerald City Guards (Kingdom, Dynasty)
Emerald City Welcome (Jnr 2A, 3A & 3K Jazz, Int 1A Jazz, Teen 1A & 1K Lyrical)
Beauticians (Dynasty, Phoenix)
Emerald City Farewell (Jnr 2K & 3K Hip Hip, The Poppits, Jnr 1K Boys)
Haunted Forest (Queens, Int 2K Hip Hop, Teen 3K Hip Hop, Artillery)
Big Spooks (Teen 1A, 2A & 3A Hip Hop)
Little Spooks (Mayhem, Straight Outta Pump)
Helping Hands (Empire, Intensity)
River (Hype, Industry, Artillery)
Electric Eels (Senior Troupes)
Crabs (Jnr 1A & 2A Hip Hop)
Baywatch (Infinite)
Jitterbugs (Jnr 2E & 3E Hip Hop, Int 1E Hip Hop)
Flying Monkeys (Sassy, Onyx)
Witch’s Guards (Teen Boys)
Captive Winkies (Esteem, Phoenix, Artemis)
Free Winkies (Teen 1A, 2A & 3A Contemporary)
Oz Machine (Int 1A & 1E Contemporary)
Emerald City Celebrations (Jnr 3A & 3B Hip Hop)
Motorbike Parade (Int 1A, 2A & 3A Hip Hop)
Glynda’s Girls #2 (Snr Troupes)
Ruby Slippers (Jnr Troupes)
Untwisting Tornado (Teen 1A, 2A & 1K Jazz)
Finale (Finale crew)

Main Characters

Dorothy - Ruby Hamill (3pm), Bri Mitchell (7pm)
Scarecrow - Mani McDougall (3pm), Phoebe Kalafatelis (7pm)
Tin Man - Mia Jeremic (3pm), Taylor Malthus (7pm)
Lion - Ella Purser (3pm), Alex Atkins (7pm)
Wicked Witch of the West - Molly Chote (3pm), Jazzy Brenton (7pm)
Glynda the Good Witch - Carys Beddow (3pm), Sophie Reedy-Young (7pm)
The Wizard of Oz - Thomas Woodward (3pm), Caroline Law (7pm)
Toto - Apolline Michaud (3pm), Tui Denham (7pm)
Aunt Em - Lila Edwards (3pm), Emily Coyle (7pm)
Uncle Henry - Riley Tiata (3pm), Gabby Kelly (7pm)
Lead Flying Monkey #1 - Ella Jourdain (3pm), Louise Gromme (7pm)