As we aim to be paperless, we encourage you to read this programme on your phone. Scroll down for the mobile friendly version. You will not be able to use phones during the show, but you can check it out beforehand and during the interval. If you crave the nostalgic feel of a hard copy, you are more than welcome to print your own. We have included a double sided option, with the goal of saving as many trees as we can!

PETA PAN Pump Dance

A forever-young girl is the star of our show. 
With her feisty, male, fairy sidekick in tow. 
Three sheltered, Brit kids come along for the ride,
A crew of lost children will fight on their side. 
Mermaids and pirates, a tribe and a croc,
Our sharp-handed villain hates the tick tock.
Second star to the right, and straight on til morning. 
With clues like that, the theme must be dawning! 
A modern twist on a classic, we hope you’re a fan!
The 2018 Pump Show is called ‘Peta Pan’

Act One

London - Esteem, Artemis, Platinum, Phoenix, Rouge, Finesse, Empress
Toys - Sassy (Monkeys), Onyx (Ragdolls), League (Soft Toys), Boss (Army men)
Party Guests  - Pump Staff
Counting Sheep - Junior 1A, 2A Hip Hop
Shadows - Teen 1A, 2A, 3A Contemporary
Fairy Dust - Intermediate 1A, 1E Contemporary
Owls - Junior 2K, 3K (1), 3K (2) Hip Hop
Rooftops - Junior 2E, 3E Hip Hop
Chimney Sweepers - Intermediate 1E, 2K Hip Hop
Clouds - Intermediate 1A, 2A Hip Hop
Neverland Stars - Teen 1A, 1K Jazz, Intermediate 1A Jazz
Sunrise - Luna, Eclipse
Birds of Paradise - Glitter, Flair
Wild Beasts - Esteem, Artemis, Phoenix
Lost Kids Playtime - Junior 1A, 2A Hip Hop
Lost Kids Archery - Junior 3A, 3B Hip Hop
Lost Kids Construction - Junior 1A, 1K, 2A Boys Hip Hop, Da Chillies
Lost Kids Lullaby - Junior 2A, 3A Jazz
Pirates Intro - Teen 1B, 2A, 2K Hip Hop
Parrots - Junior 2K, 3K (1), 3K (2) Hip Hop
Crocodiles Intro - Mayhem, Intensity, ElectriK
Tribe VS Pirates Battle - Rouge, Finesse (Tribe) & Kingdom, Artemis (Pirates)

Act Two

Mermaids - Empress, Finesse, Rouge, Platinum
Mermen - Kingdom
Sharks - Junior 1A, 1K, 2A Boys Hip Hop, Da Chillies
Pirates Arrival - Teen 1A, 2A, 3A Contemporary
Waves - Intermediate 1A, 1E Contemporary
Neverbirds - Sassy, Onyx
Flames - Infinite
Tribe Welcome - Teen 1A, 1K Jazz
Wolves - Junior 3A, 3B Hip Hop
Tribe Celebration - Esteem, Platinum
Sparrows - Junior 2A, 3A Jazz, Intermediate 1A Jazz
Lost Kids Bedtime - Intermediate 1E, 2K Hip Hop
Lost Kids Departure - Junior 2E, 3E Hip Hop
Tribe Defence - Phoenix, Empress
Pirates Capture - Kingdom
Pirates Battle - Luna, Eclipse
Lost Kids Battle - Glitter, Flair
Crocodiles Return - League, Boss
Fireflies - Teen 1B, 2A, 2K Hip Hop
Lost Kids Flight - Intermediate 1A, 2A Hip Hop
Lost Kids Adoption - Mayhem, Intensity, ElectriK
Dinner Party Celebration - Luna, Eclipse
Finale Dance - Finale Crew

Main Characters 

Peta Pan - Jazzy Brenton (3pm), Mia Jeremic (7pm)
Captain Hook - Thomas Woodward (3pm), Phoebe Kalafatelis (7pm)
Tinkerbae - Tui Denham (3pm), James Catherwood (7pm)
Smee - Ruby Hamill (3pm), Emily Coyle (7pm)
Wendell - Mani McDougall (3pm), Gabby Kelly (7pm)
Joan - Emily Grethe (3pm), Lila Edwards (7pm)
Mika - Charlotte Bellingham (3pm), Olivia Byrne (7pm)
Mr Darling - Ruby Brett (3pm), Mackenzie Preston (7pm)
Mrs Darling - Emily Latham (3pm), Bri Mitchell (7pm)
Crocodile - Jess Riddell (3pm), Caroline Law (7pm)
Princess Tigress - Amelia Romijn (3pm), Molly Chote (7pm)
Chief - Louise Gromme (3pm & 7pm)

Choreographers & Staff

Amelia Romijn, Atareta Bridge-Comer, Braedyn Togi, Brianna Mitchell, Brittany Eng, Caitlin Peetz, Erika Sullivan, Grayson Ziogas, Jasmin Brenton, Libby George, Lucy Everett, Mani McDougall, Phoebe Kalafatelis, Raquel Abolins-Reid, Sophie Carroll, Taylor Malthus.

Thank you

Designfetti (Design), Anna Robinson (Set Design), Amber Griffin Photography (Show photography), Glass Gecko Films (DVD Production), Nick George (Pre-show Photography), Kania Sugandi (Backstage photography), Miles Calder, Frith Horan & Madeline Horan (Voiceovers), Janine Calder & Rochelle Kirby (Costume Design) & The Fabric Warehouse.